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2024-05-01 15:39:30

When the sun goes down in medellin, the city comes to life.

The night has a completely different feel to it. bathed in the glow of twinkling city lights, medellin's nightlife is colorful, vibrant, and possesses boundless energy. welcome to a world where every corner is a portal to fun and every night holds the promise of a memorable adventure.

There has never been a better time to visit medellin. time out magazine, forbes and many other publications now rank medellin in the top five cities in the world. what separates medellin from the rest is the culture, the people, impressive architecture, and endless activities (guatapé, comuña 13, national parks and recreation). but let's be honest here. after dark is where medellin breaks out and becomes a totally different city altogether.

Dance the night away

Poblado, medellin: a quick geography lesson on medellin. why? because 3 of the 5 places mentioned below reside in poblado.

Poblado is one of the 16 communes of medellín, colombia. known as el poblado, it's considered one of the most affluent and upscale neighborhoods in the city. el poblado is filled with green parks, shopping centers, nightlife venues, and restaurants, offering various dining and entertainment options. the area is characterized by its terrain, modern apartment buildings, and streets lined with trees and upscale boutiques.

Medellin at night, from a tourist perspective, can be broken down into 5 primary areas.

1.provenza, 2. parque lleras, 3. la 70, 4. manila, and number 5, laureles. let's look at each one individually. street #10 or calle diez is separated by upper and lower quadrants. the upper streets are called “provenza” the lower being called “parque lleras”.

Provenza is upscale, affluent and classy. the streets are filled with endless chic dining choices and fashionable bars and lounges. you want to dress to impress here. this is not the shorts and flip flop destination.

parque lleras only a few blocks from provenza, is another animal. as you stroll through the park lined with disco techs, three level bars, and flashing lights, you will hear a plethora of musical genres. salsa beats, reggaeton, and popular 1980's classic rock fill the air. clearly not as formal and polished as its counterpart provenza, parque lleras is an audio-visual wonderland.

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la 70 or calle setenta: if you have picked up on the theme here, the streets are called “calle '' and followed by a number. the streets are extremely easy to navigate because of the number system in medellin. they call this area “la 70” but it's calle 70. literally a strip, one of the best strips you will see for drinking, dancing, and to mix cultures with the “paisas”. peppered with a wide array of bars, clubs, and disco techs this street has it all. let's not forget, the after hours street vendor gastronomy line up is authentic and delicious.

manila: residing a few blocks away from the fast paced parque lleras and a short walk west, you enter this hidden gem. manila, a barrio that welcomes foreigners and tourists, is lined with cafes, coworking sites, quaint shopping, local art galleries, a wide variety of gastronomy, and no name hidden bars. manila is perfect for what we call the pre-party. go have a drink, walk around, have another, grab a burger or taco with friends, then later that evening, head back to the calle diez fast paced atmosphere. rich in culture, manila is a must visit day or night.

laureles: if you are staying in poblado, laureles is a short cab or uber ride to this quiet and more residential neighborhood. the general feel of this barrio, known as comuna 11, is a bit upscale for colombia but with the benefit of cheaper pricing. everything here is close, walking distance from everything. of the 5 locations to go on your visit to medellin, this is the most tranquil. other than calle 70, which is technically located in laureles, the vibe is different. the mix of cultures are noticeable with fewer foreigners. laureles feels more authentic and is a good break from the touristy locations of poblado.the restaurants, the food, and the drinking establishments are original. after midnight, this area is quiet, shut down and the streets empty. when the clock strikes midnight, and you still have the energy, set your sights back to the late night locations of poblado.

Medellin's nightlife is an experience of connection and celebration. whether you're dancing, dining, or diving into culture and art, the city's inclusive and vibrant spirit ensures an unforgettable night out. so wear your dancing shoes, bring your appetite, and prepare yourself for the delightful immersion that is medellin's nightlife.

In medellin, every night is a chance to create beautiful memories, make new friends, and fall in love with the city's irresistible charm. come and be a part of the excitement and joy that defines medellin nightlife. the city is ready to welcome you with open arms and a beat that will make your heart dance!